Friday, August 15, 2008

Who knew this kind of stuff worked?

So I have to say I didn't think my blog would ever work. Anything that involves a computer tends to terrify me, and the lack of confidence I have in my computer skills usually keeps things from working. To be honest, when my friend Stephanie convinced me start a blog almost a year ago, I did it mostly because I knew no one would ever see it...or so I thought.
A few weeks ago, a couple of my cusins I hadn't seen for a while asked me why my blog only had one post. I couldn't believe they had read my last post, I was so embarressed. I didn't even remember what I had written. At the same time, the fact that my blog had worked motivated me to take it more seriously.
The night I found out my blogging was a success, was a sleepless night. Idea after idea rolled around in my head as I tried to decide what I would write about in my next post. Finally after a restless night I got to my computer at work and prepared myself to write. Being that I am just as forgetfull as I am computer illiterate, I couldn't remember how to log on. So rather than stress myself out about it I just put it aside thinking I would never hear about it again.
Once again I was wrong. Only a few days later I received a text from another cousin asking me about my blog. I told her of my dilema in not knowing how to log on, and as you might have guessed, she helped me out. So, hear I am again getting ready to start my life in the blogging world. I apologize in advance for how boring this page might end up being. My poor computer skills will probably prevent me from ever posting a picture, or changing the layout of the page. But who knows, I might eventually decide to join the technology skilled generation I was born into one of these days. When that day comes, watch out!

Friday, December 14, 2007

What do I mean by two names?

Throughout my life I have had a large variety of nick-names. Names like Mahana (this is not after "Mahana you ugly", it is after the Mahana that is later in the movie who is worth 10 cows and not 8), Mufus gufus dufus, Mahna, Whetter, Mejica, Mexico, and most recent, Mand (randomly started by my neices Nick and Nat). Of all of these nick-names the one I find the most interesting is one commonly associated with the name Amanda, Mandy.
Where did it come from? Most of the Mandys' I have met, who actually have Mandy written on there birth certificate, have been asked at least a thousand times if their real name is Amanda. I am not complaining. Infact, I am one of the many Mandy's who is fortunate enough to have Amanda as my real name. However, It was not until recently that I discovered how amazing it is to have two names that the public recognizes as names.
For as long as I can remember I have been known as Mandy; at home, and at play, and in all public settings. On returning from my mission however, I decided to start using my real name a little more often. It has been an interesting experiment. Most of the time it takes me a while to figure out people are talking to me. When it finally clicks, I suddenly become more aware of how I am behaving. For like a second I suddenly think I have to behave like an adult.
The look I get from my friends that know me as Mandy when someone else calls me Amanda is a lot of fun to see. They first look at my work or school buddy with a look of disbelief that they actually just called me by my real name. Then they give me a look that seems to ask "who do they think they are calling you Amanda". I also have those friends who know me as Mandy, but think it is fun to call me Amanda just so they can see the confused look on my face as I try to figure out who they are talking to.
I love my two names, and all the other ones I have been called. I think everyone needs an alternate name, as well as a nick-name.